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The Grind Skate ParkThe Grind Skate Park
Located next to City Park
Community Center.
Griffin, GA
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The Grind Skate Park opened in May of 2007 and was made possible through generous contributions of many community businesses, private citizens and local officials. A planning committee made up of skaters and professionals worked together to design the park lay out so it would continually challenge the skater and help them develop their skill. Spalding County and the City of Griffin contributed to make the park a reality. It's located next to the City Park Community Center and is open during City Park hours (7am to 10pm).

Helmets are required to enter this street style skate park which features a 6 foot half pipe, several quarter pipes, bank to bank, multiple event fun box and various grinding rails. Also featured are numerous movable street objects such as tables, grinding boxes, jump ramps and more! There is no fee to skate.

The Grind Skate Park   The Grind Skate Park
The Grind Skate Park   The Grind Skate Park